Kary Broffman

Creating has been a lifelong passion for Kary. She seriously began channeling her creative energy into weaving design in 1988. Working primarily in chenille, she created wearable art, pillows and throws.  After purchasing her first digital camera more then 15 years ago, she fell in love with Polaroid and emulsion transfers due to the alchemical nature of this process.

Nature is often the subject of Kary's work because, like fiber, it is full of color, pattern, and texture. " When something catches my eye, in that moment, I literally let my consciousness fall away and allow myself to fall into what I want to capture with my lens."

She views her work as alchemy because it transforms the ordinary into the sublime, a seemingly magical power of the process of transmutation.
Whether it is her painted photography or an untouched photo, she's enchanted by this medium.

Her work consists of digital photography, enhanced photography, hand-painted,Polaroid/emulsion
transfers, beeswax collage, eco prints, alcohol inks/eggshell art
and mixed media designs.

Kary has resided in the Hudson Valley since 1976. Her professional training in nursing, psychology, and Ericksonian Hypnosis, along with other modalities, evolved into a private practice in 1996. It focuses on mind/body integration, stress management, hypno-coaching and hypno-birthing, and holistic, functional medical nurse consulting.

contact Kary @ karyb@mindspring.com

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